Yes, Smartphones have Gotten More EXPENSIVE Over Time (Supported by Evidence)

The biggest criticism nowadays is that smartphones have become too expensive, and Apple and Samsung…

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How Samsung’s Galaxy Note Changed the Smartphone (Good and Bad)

Bigger Screen, Better Phone? When Samsung released the Galaxy Note in 2011 with a 5.2 Inch display i…

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The Rise and Fall of Nokia (and the CEO that Destroyed the Company)

The Rise and Fall of Nokia (and the CEO... Written by Luis Burgos and Alex Jankovic It was 2007, and …

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The Smartphone was Dumb before the iPhone

The Smartphone was an incredible step for the mobile phone world, in the past we were saddled with …

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The Mac Studio (2022) is Overpriced, Overhyped and Underpowered

The "Mac Studio" is what the "Mac Mini" should have been.  The Mac Mini in the p…

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