Apple's iTunes Pirating Music Lawsuit

Another lawsuit. This week has been full of them, while Apple is claiming patent infringements to every company that could be a potential iPad/iPhone contender; the companies are striking back  claiming the exact same thing.

This lawsuit involves the former band member of 'Pretty Boy Gangsters', Korvel Sutton. Who claims that iTunes has been selling ten compilation albums that include copyrighted tracks from Pretty Boy Gangsters. The tracks being sold without Sutton's permission and to this day he has not received any compensation nor royalties from the sales.

Representing himself in court, he introduces several pieces of evidence to the table including a copy of the U.S. copyright registration, a photocopy of "Rollin' like a Star" cassette tape, and a full list of compilation albums on iTunes that includes the copyrighted tracks. “2 Live Crew & Posse“, “West Coast Posse Vol. 1” and “Elektro Hip Hop Party Vol. 3”. Apple responds to this saying the disputed compilations were provided by the Dutch label, Rams Horn Records and do not respond to the 'missing' royalties.

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