Survey shows iPhone Owners as Superior

Once you sign up for you are instantly greeted with 10 questions you much fill out, two of them asking your household income and what mobile platform you have running on your phone. This information has recently been compiled together and has showed some unexpected results.

Hunch created the survey from 15,000 members on their site, a site that gives you recommendations based on a few preferences, (eg. Type of car you drive). Note that the data was based on 32% iPhone users while only having 21% Android users, even though their are 10% more Android users that i0S users on the site.

The data claimed that Android users [on the site] are more likely to be men, with an annual household income around $75,000, while iPhone/i0S users were more likely to be women over the age of 35 and have an annual household income of around $200,000+. This is likely due to the fact that most Android phones being cheaper than iPhones despite the success of Samsung's popular galaxy line-up. It also says that 100% of Android users and likely to have a PC and 100% of iPhone users are likely to have a Mac. It also notes that android users are more likely to only have a High School diploma while iPhone users are 37% more likely to have a graduate degree.

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