Steve Jobs says Farewell to Apple

Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced his resignation as Chef Executive Officer of Apple Inc. The news, following Jobs' long and highly publicized battle with pancreatic cancer caused Apple's shares to drop by 7% with investors worrying that the CEO's departure would "open the doors" for rival Samsung Electronics at a sensitive time for "smartphone supremacy". By comparison, Apple's mobile rivals, Samsung and HTC's shares instead rose by 3%. 

Steve Jobs' resignation will likely have little effect on Samsung's mobile sales, though due to the huge sales in their 'Galaxy-phone' line already, Samsung is already catching up to the californian-based company and will overtake them in the smartphone race regardless.


  1. Boy this article was wrong in just about every regard.

  2. People try to predict things and fail miserably Hahahha
    Look at Samsung shItting in sales closing flagships stores while apple touched skyrocketing market cap. ��


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