No "iPad" in China

Apple has lost a court battle over the trademark of the word 'iPad' in China.

The company has been part of an ongoing legal battle with Hong Kong-based manufacturer, Proview since 2006, over claims by Proview that Apple had unwittingly purchased their trademark. Proview has owned the trademark since the start of 2000, but Apple had indeed purchased the $54,000 trademark but didn't buy the rights to the Chinese trademark in the agreement, just in the Taiwanese region. It is reportered that Proview will claim $1.6 billion in compensation from Apple for copyright infringement.

In 2001 LG introduced a linux-based tablet called the iPad in Korea! Several articles from numerous websites covered it from the 2001 CeBIT. Once again we find ourselves saying, "Why isn't LG suing". Although this isn't the first time that Apple has used other people's trademarks without their permission. In 1998, Cicsco Sytems introduced the iPhone, a phone using voiP technology, nine years later Apple came out with their first phone, iPhone (stylized the same).

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