Apple has Boosted Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales Enormously

A few days after the head of Samsung's mobile division told The Sydney Morning Herald that Apple's attempts to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia has made the tablet a "household name", Samsung unveiled numerous Galaxy smartphone commercials that poked fun at Apple fanatics.

From that, it is quite clear that the Korean manufacturer will be celebrating over their recent victory over Apple; and what better way to do so than posting advertisements displaying Apple as 'unethical' on one of the most popular newspapers in the country!
"At the end of the day the media awareness certainly made the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a household name compared to probably what it would've been based on the investment that we would've put into it from a marketing perspective," said Typer McGee, Samsung Australia vice president of telecommunications.
Right you are! Thousands of articles have been written this year about the Samsung/Apple lawsuit(s), and the press coverage has definitely boosted sales. This year, it was reported by Lenovo that Samsung had only sold 20,000 of its Galaxy Tabs between its release in September last year to the end of 2010, thats about 5,000 sold every month. According to IDC Samsung had sold just over 1 million units between July to the end of September, thats about 336,000 sold every month. In that same time period Google shows that the rate of news about the Apple/Samsung lawsuit(s) was at its peak.

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