The I'm Watch is a Direct Copy of the iPod Nano

The italian designed "I'm watch" promises to be "The First Real Smartwatch", but what it offers is an iPod nano-look-a-like with phone capabilities and a wristband.

Looking at the two devices side by side their are distinct similarities, the most obvious being the icons. In August last year it was reported that Apple had sued Samsung over the icons they had used in their "TouchWiz" overlay of Android, stating that they were too similar to those found in i0S. Looking at the icons found on the I'm Watch, I am stunned how the designers were able to disregard Apple's famously elaborate patients and completely rip off the design and feel of the iPod Nano. The I'm watch also adopts the volume buttons and sleep button from the Nano, as well as adopting a similar 2X2 icon layout. Is it in Apple's best interest to sue? Absolutely not. We are talking about a small (10 employee) operation in Paris, unless this brand garners enough traction to hurt Apple's business interests or threaten the success of their long awaited "iWatch" product launch, there would be no instance of a lawsuit.

UPDATE: In October, I'm s.p.A announced their exit from the wearable technology market and later declared for bankruptcy. In a series of press releases outlining its liquidation, the company cited the "fierce competition" from "multinational companies" (Samsung and LG) for depressed sales for its "I'm watch" lineup. However, in my opinion, the "smartwatch" is simply not a lucrative product. Consumers are not willing to pay $200 or more for a 3 inch wrist watch when they can spend the same amount on a mid-range Android smartphone.

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