CedarFinance.com: Review, SCAM?

You've heard through Popup windows, News Websites, Junk Mail of people making thousands of dollars through the internet by writing ebooks to filling out surveys. Well is it true? Can you really make that much money online? 

The newest "making money on the internet" craze is buying and trading stocks. On the left is a list of videos that came up when I googled "How to make money on the internet," all videos shown promised to help me earn '$1500 an hour' with just a few clicks, claiming that every minute I could be getting a 75% return. All videos were posted by a users who had only one video or had multiple videos about making money on the internet with the same website, the same trading site, "Cedar Finance'. The people posting these videos are not 'making thousands of dollars per month by trading stocks', most of these users are affiliate marketers, hired by the company and paid a percentage of every purchase they bring to the company. In fact, if your interested in doing the same you can sign up to Clickbank and persuade (or scam) people to invest in the new "Make money on the internet by doing nothing" website or the new Mediterranean Detox diet ebook.

Cedarfinance.com allows users (once they have deposited a minium of $250), to gamble their money by investing in high risk, high return digital/binary options. All the videos promised that it would be 'easy' and 'simple' to earn hundreds of dollars. However according to various complaints on ScamBook, claiming the website had taken hundreds of dollars from their account, after they were not refunded their money.

Despite the several complaints that it has to its name on ScamBook and the hundreds of misleading youtube videos, I do not believe that CedarFinance is a scam. Just a gambling site that's no different from the likes of online poker. But before you create an account, their are many more ways to making money on the internet that are much safer to invest in.


  1. I gone through the post, its really very interesting and informative too about cedar finance. Will you please suggest me to how to become a successful trader. Thank you.

    1. My treat! This ladies and gentleman is what I'm talking about! An affiliate marketer posting spam on my website!


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