(WATCH ORIGINAL) Dami Im's ALIVE Music Video Taken Down

It took months to shoot, but only 24 hours to take down. 

The Music Video for X factor winner, Dami Im's debut single, "Alive," took 'months' to shoot, but only a day to be taken down from Youtube, iTunes and the MTV website. The single, which has reached number one in Australia and penetrated the Top 20 in South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines, saw overwhelming criticism from fans, who called the video "cheap" and Im's performance, "awkward". Comments on Youtube point the finger at not only the director but Im's record label, Sony Music Entertainment for the 'disastrous' video, stating 'she didn't deserve a sub-par music video' for such a great song. Thankfully, after much scrounging through Google search results, I was able to come across Dami Im's original music video, which can be viewed below. Sony Music Entertainment has also promised to reshoot the video, with the video to be re-released in coming months.

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