Celebrity Endorsement Fails with Ellen, Oprah & LeBron James.

Ellen at the Oscars 2013 with Samsung Galaxy Note Alicia Keys in the sponsored, Blackberry Conference with an iPhone
Ellen, Samsung and the Oscars
Talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres was the presenter of the heavily Samsung sponsored, Oscars 2013, there she took 'selfies' with Oscar nominees, and ultimately created the most tweeted photo of Twitter with the Galaxy Note device. However, for the duration of the event, DeGeneres used her personal iPhone behind the scenes, regularly posting pictures of herself with famous actors and jokes that successfully claimed her place in Samsung's long list of Celebrity endorsement fails.
Alicia Keys and the Downfall of Blackberry
Hired by Blackberry as chief executive, Alicia Keys made appearances at Blackberry's New York Launch event, and introducing their ten new mobile devices, as well as other handsets throughout the year. Tweets and posts on her official Twitter and Tumblr accounts showed Key's total disregard for the company and revealed that the posts were made by an iPhone. Following poor sales of the Blackberry lineup, Keys along with roughly 40% of Blackberry's employees were laid off.

Tennis Player, David Ferrer tweeting about sponsored, Samsung on an iPhone Oprah Winfrey sponsored by Microsoft but on iPad
David Ferrer and the Sporty Galaxy S4
Spanish tennis player and Samsung's former brand ambassador, David Ferrer followed what the phone maker asked him to do to a tee, post tweets that advertise the Galaxy S4 and its health features, seems easy enough. Shame he did so on an iPhone though. After noticing the 'via Twitter for iPhone' below the tweet, and the deterioration of a million-dollar partnership with Samsung, he quickly took down the tweet, and wrote the exact same thing again through the web version of Twitter. Seriously? God help us.
Oprah Below the Surface
After gushing for weeks about the new Microsoft Surface tablet for weeks, former talk show host, Oprah Winfrey revealed in a tweet that it was one of her "favourite things in life". It's a shame the tweet came from an iPad. She clearly fired the staff member responsible for the tweet or just can't bother deleting it herself, which would explain why the tweet still remains on her twitter page. Poor Microsoft, like Oprah, its not going well for them at all this year.

It Deleted My Contacts & My Dignity!
By far the worst of these cock-ups was Samsung's newest ambassador, famous basket baller, LeBron James, who in a fit of rage, tweeted that his Galaxy Note handset had "rebooted" and "deleted everything". He had the sense to take down the tweet a few minutes later, and after a series of tweets, stated that he "got all [his] info back". Still, considering he was moronic enough to post such a contemptible tweet in light of his partnership with Samsung, it wouldn't be surprising if it was a false alarm, or he was unable to download his content from a backup without the support of a few nervous Samsung executives.


  1. Well,Well,Well.... where's samsung now?? their stores are closing one by one... everything they launch Flops... if you buy a samsung now.. you'll be left by yourself (future proof) .... like a nokia ..good luck.


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