Apple falsifies Evidence in Samsung lawsuit

It has been made clear of the 44 page lawsuit that Apple filed against Samsung, That Apple has manipulated comparisons against the iPad and the Tab 10.1 making them seem more alike. The lawsuit against Apple and Samsung resulted to a hult in the shipment of Samsung products in Europe and Australia. This verdict was made after the Court had seen the manipulated comparisons Apple showed.

The comparisons included the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S, both Samsung devices were digitally shrunk or elongated to match the shape of the Apple products.
The images above show Apple's attempt to make the two products look similar, the company widened
and shrunk Samsung's tablet, used the screenshot of the "My Apps" screen instead of the homescreen
(what is showed on the iPad) and swapped the volume buttons to the left side of the device.

The image above shows the same story, Samsung device has been shrunk down to match the length
of the iPhone and the homescreen is not shown as it has no resemblance to Apple's.

Along with that Apple also gotten rid of the logo on the Tab to match the iPad's featureless front side.

Photo manipulation in an illegal act, looking at the pictures, Apple has clearly broken the law. Samsung would need to follow up on this, if they have any change of returning the Tab back to the European Market. Note that Samsung's CEO did mention the photo manipulation in court but did not have any evidence to support their claim. Now though, the Korean Manufacture can take action!


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