Apple-Android Lawsuit Intensifies

After news that claimed Apple had invested $1 billion in the LCD maker, Sharp. It seemed to me as an indication that Apple was ready to sue LG (the supplier of the iPhone's screens). After-all Apple has been suing all the major Android manufactures. Plus as Sharp produces a number of android phones for AT&T, it seems even more likely that this is the case. Could LG be next on Apple's list?

As the Samsung- Apple lawsuit drags on, it makes it even harder to guess the outcome and will be the win. But after Apple's attempt of winning the lawsuit, manipulating photos of Samsung's devices, making them look the same shape of the iPhone and the iPad; it seems that this will give the South-Korean company a fighting chance.

A week after Google had acquired Motorola, It has been found that 18 of Motorola's 17,000 patients prove to be the most useful in Google's effort to fend off litigation (Apple) targeting the Android mobile platform. Seems like the Google's investemnt has payed off.

Sharp - Sharp [Official Website]

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