Samsung Ripping Off iPhone Icons

Comparison between Samsung's Touch Wiz icons (top) and Apple's i0S icons (bottom).

What is clear from the comparison above is that Samsung's Touch Wiz overlay found on its Galaxy S devices contain icons that are very similar to icons found on Apple's iOS, right down to the shape of the icon. 

The similarities certainly don't make the two operating systems hard to tell apart but the close resemblance can't be mistaken as an accident. In fact, if you look closely at the icons on both devices you can tell that this certainly was no accident. The white, old fashioned phone in the middle of the "Phone" icon on both the iOS and the touch Wiz UI are at the exact same angle, and Samsung's music icon is almost exactly the same as the old iTunes icon. The rest of Samsung's Touch Wiz icons, especially the "Settings" icon have a striking resemblance to those found in iOS.

Despite this, I still don't believe that Samsung has "slavishly copied" Apple's design. If you want to see who "slavishly copied" Apple's Designs, I dare you to have a look at the the similarities between the I'm watch and the iPod Nano.

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