Hypercritical Apple

"Yes, this is the same Apple that has initiated a patent war [1][2][3][4][5] with these smartphone rivals. And it's the same rival that has tried to remove competing products from the market, rather than agree to negotiate a licensing fee. And it's the same company that patented multi-touch gestures 26 years after they were invented at a research university. And it's the same company that allegedly doctored evidence in European courts [1][2] to support its lawsuits against Android." - James Mick [Daily Tech]

Apple says that they are sick of the counter lawsuits that Android manufacturers are making against them. "By making false commitments that led to the establishment of worldwide standards incorporating its own patents and eliminating competing alternative technologies. Motorola [Mobility] has become a gatekeeper, accruing the power to harm or eliminate competition in the relevant markets if it so desires." This quote was said from Apple's lawyers from the recent lawsuit against Motorola/Google, where Google had put their new 8 patients on the table.


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