New Samsung Commercial makes Fun of Apple Fanatics

A recent Samsung Galaxy S II advertisement has been given a substantial amount of press coverage, due to its mocking of [Apple] Fanatics who wait infront of the store for hours to get their hands on a new piece of technology.

The Samsung advertisement portrays a huge cue infront of an unknown store, (the cue of people having iPhones), and a white poster that is titled, "It's Coming", plastered on the side of a unknown store. The people in the cue start to notice a person with a new Samsung phone, and start commenting on its capabilities compared to the iPhones. At the end of the commercial people in the cue are then questioning their purchase, "This thing is huge" , "Its got 4G speed".

The advertisement is receiving hate from people saying its "unprofessional" and "undignified" for making fun out of other companies, probably the same people who stand overnight infront of the Apple store. The same people who probably haven't watched Apple's "Hi I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" commercials.

According to Mashable, the commercial will be broadcasted on TV on Thanksgiving.


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