Windows Phone 7

When the Windows phone 7 was released last year and I must admit I didn't think highly of the new Windows phone. It didn't have many features that most phones on the market could do, (multitasking, copy and paste, etc). But after an update was announced that brought the phone up to date with its Android and i0S competitors, I started to realize that it could be a worthwhile competitor.

I want to begin at the range of applications that are available for a Windows phone 7 device, as this is the selling point for most phones. The Windows phone market was only released a year ago, so to be fair I couldn't compare it to the Android store or Apple App Store, which were released 3 years ago. But I can say that the Windows phone 7 is already 40,000 applications high and apps are being added at a rate of 165 items per day. At this rate it could reach 50,000 items before the end of the year.

LG, Samsung, Asus, HTC, Dell, ZTE and recently Nokia have released a touchscreen phones that are running the new mobile platform. Now thanks to recent low-budget Windows phones from Samsung and Nokia, its now more affordable to get one. Windows phone 7 devices start outright at $500 to about $800.

Do I recommend Windows Phone 7? At the moment no I don't, but just wait next year when cheaper Windows phones have been promised to come out and by then there will be a wider range of Apps available on the market.

Windows Phone Marketplace passes 40,000 apps - All About Windows Phone (AAWP)

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