Top 10 iPhone Games of 2013

Below, we run through the top 10 iPhone/ iPod Touch games of 2013 (so far).

"The Walking Dead: The Game" Released in Early August last year, this zombie episodic adventure game has been met with critical acclaim with reviewers applauding its clever storyline influenced by the player's decisions. 

The game centres around convicted murderer, Lee Everet and his bid to endure through the zombie apocalypse that has hit Georgia. In the story, he rescues and cares for a young girl named Clemintine and meets many other survivors, where he makes friends as well as enemies.

Prepare to be amazed as you follow Lee through five, 2-hour episodes, where you'll discover what it means to survive and the lengths of which people go to do so. All five episodes of The Walking Dead: The Game are available on the iOS App Store. As of writing this article, the first episode is currently free, episodes two to five can purchased individually for $4.99 or the entire season can be purchased for $14.99 (25% off). For now only iPad 2 and iPhone 4 devices or newer are supported.

"Temple Run 2Welcome to the new and improved Temple Run. The original game offered a simple yet infamous concept, 'the endless running man', avoid death by swiping. However the new temple run offers more than a few rocks in your way and gives the player a fresh gaming experience with stunning retina graphics.

Just as "Temple Run" starts getting stale, Imangi Studios releases its new and improved sequel. Whats lost are the chunky rough graphics and quite limited obstacles, replaced with smooth, crisp gameplay and exciting new obstacles and power-ups.

In place is a new leveling system, used to unlock power-ups and abilities. And more importantly, the addition of 'green gems' which can be collected when running and exchanged to give you a second life if the three monkeys, (now replaced with one giant money) catches up with you.

While some may argue that the new Temple Run is too complicated, no one can argue that the addition of power-ups and green gems have made the newest Temple Run one of the best games of 2013.

"Toca Hair Salon 2" I know what your thinking, "A hairdressing game? I would rather poke my eyes out with sticks", but you would be wrong to do so. The second installment of the popular hair salon game is nothing more than fantastic. Shaving half a person's hair off, giving them an afro or transforming them into a character of your favourite TV Show, makes this one of the best apps of 2013. 

It may not as exciting as fighting a Zombie Apocalypse, but never the less "Toca Hair Salon" is definitely a game to pass the time. With the addition of hair colouring, straighteners, curlers and shavers, you're able to transform you're character into anyone you see fit. Thankfully if you get too carried away with the electric sheers you're able to regrow the hair with the G.R.O.W potion.

Along with new tools, the app's mediocre graphics have been updated to take advantage of the retina displays on the new iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. "Toca Hair Salon 2" isn't challenging but what it can guarantee is keeping you entertained on the bus or in a que.

"The Room Pocket" A mysterious story involving dark secrets kept locked away in an intricate security system. You're presented with a what seems to be an ordinary safe, but the safe is nothing but ordinary. 

This puzzle app is much like 'Escape the Room' online games, where you are locked into a room and need to find items scattered across the room to build gizmo's and make your escape. However in this case the room is replaced with a safe and instead of getting out, your job is to get in.

"The Room Pocket' can get frustrating at times, but with the addition of a clever storyline, (slowly revealed as you progress through the stages), as well as intricate contraptions to unlock, you never tire of this puzzle app; even when your on the same level for an hour.

The Room can downloaded for free on the i0S App Store, but only includes the starter level. You will need to pay $1.99 to play the other stages. Due to its demanding graphics it's only compatible with the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5 or newer.

"Pudding Monsters" From the people that gave you "Cut the Rope", comes a charming new strategy game. Starring mutated pudding cups that have weirdly grown an eye, as they fight to be one. No seriously, thats the aim of the game. 

You'll be moving pudding pieces around a slippery floor, using the brick walls, objects and other monsters given to help you. Sliding a pudding piece with nothing impeding in its path results in it flying off the edge and the restart of the puzzle. The goal for each puzzle is to join every blob on the board together, to get all three stars you will need to gather the blobs in the highlighted position.

Its quirky charm and simple concept make "Pudding Monsters" my favourite game of the year and drew me to finish all 75 levels. It deserves all the success that ZeptoLab's other hit game, "Cut the Rope" came across.

"Earn to Die" or as it should be called, "Die to Earn", is a zombie game (yeah another one), however instead of a sophisticated storyline or character building, you just run over zombies over with your upgraded truck. 

This zombie apocalypse game originated in life as an online flash game. After a staggering 150 million plays it has just recently been released to the i0S App Store.

The game is simple; you drive zombies over with cars. The more zombies you run over and the most ground you cover will be calculated and you will be given money to buy new upgrades and cars. Upgrades include a bigger fuel tank, faster engines to snipers and spinning blades attached to the roof and bonnet of your car.

Packed with more tracks, more cars and more upgrades than the online version, this severely addicting game will have you driving over zombies into the hours of the night.

"The Act" Taking a whopping 9 years to create, this hand drawn app (set out as a movie), tells the story of Edgar, a window washer who falls in love with a nurse he sees inside the window. 

He daydreams of meeting her at a bar, where you control his level of flirting by swiping your finger to the left or right of the screen. Swipe too much to the left and she'll just walk away, swipe to much to the right and she'll run away. These simple left and right controls appear in every 'mission', where a perfect balance is needed to pass.

The i0S game involved dozens of former Disney animators that had worked on films like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Over the course of 9 years they had created over 230,000 individual drawings for the game.

"The Act" is currently available on the i0S App Store for 99 cents but expect it to return to its original, yet deserving price of $2.99.

"Need for Speed™ Most Wanted" Electronic Arts has once again proved to be the best producer for Racing games on i0S, with their latest title running rings around the newest releases from Gameloft and Firemint. 

With crisp retina graphics, you won't be able to pull your eyes away from the screen as you race through the stunning city that is Fairhaven. Racing alongside rivals, invading police; competing to become the "most wanted". The wide-range of vehicles, makes up for the no car customisations, but struggles to make up for the fact that you will need to spend actual money to buy any of the good cars.

So their are a few downsides, but that isn't enough to drag the game off the 'Top 10 Games of 2013' list. With its stunning visuals, great music and its huge selection of cars, 'Need for Speed™ Most Wanted' may not be the best in the series, but its definitely a close second.

"Wake the Cat" Make the cat's dreams come true by directing a piece of yarn through slides, teleporting slippers, trains and fans, to wake up the sleeping cat with the yarn it desires.

Created by Chillingo, the same people who brought you "Cut the Rope" and "The Act" comes a cute physics driven game. Using the equipment given to you, you must wake your cat from a deep slumber by directing a ball of yarn in his way.

The first few levels of the game are quite easy. But as you progress through the many stages, its starts to become difficult, as the yarn is placed farther away from the cat. Just like many other of Chillingo's games if you complete the level in an excellent fashion you will receive all three stars.

With its dreamy animation and pleasant music score, this physics based game will pull the heart strings of any user playing. If you dislike cats as I do, I can assure you its still a really fun game.

"Banzai BladeCreated by the "Cartoon Network", this ninja app takes the elements from endless running games and HalfBrick Studios' Fruit Ninja, fusing them together to create an action-backed i0S game.

A powerful demon threatens to spread evil across the land of Nihon; it's your destiny to destroy his army and defeat Eternal Oni. To do so, you must use your advanced ninja skills and razor-sharp sword to cut the demon army into shreds and kill the demons that have taken over the temples.

Swipe the screen to slice enemies like fruit and deflect incoming fireballs. Collect blossoms to upgrade your weapons, armor and charms. Then unleash your power on evil goblins, dragons and demons.

With the addition of upgrades and one-on-one battles, you'll forget that its a rip-off, and enjoy the game as much as you would if you were playing 'Temple Run' or 'Fruit Ninja'.

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