Samsung Jumps on the 'Gold' Bandwagon

It has only been a few weeks since Apple unveiled the much discussed, iPhone 5S, the central talking point for technology rumour sites for the past month. On its release day, Apple saw the longest line ever at their flagship store in New York, with more than 1,400 people cuing up to buy the new smartphone. 

Despite making fun of Apple and its fan[atic] base through their commercials, recent reports have stated that Samsung executives had attended the iPhone's launch to find out why Apple's customers line up at the Apple store year after year, iPhone after iPhone. Despite the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor and some hardware upgrades, it is clear that many Apple fans were excited to get their hands on a gold iPhone which had sold out shortly after the store had opened. With this information, Samsung was quick to release a gold version of their new flagship handset, announcing it just days after the launch on their Saudi Arabia based twitter account. However, adding a gold finish to a phone is not a new development and it certainly did not come from Apple. In fact, many phone manufacturers, like Nokia, Motorola and LG have embraced the bold colour and used it to promote their more premium devices.

From left to right: Motorola RAZR V3i (D&G Edition), Nokia 6700 Gold, LG KE970 Shine Gold, VERTU Constellation.

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