Nokia's Biggest Fan Owns 115 Nokia Phones

Jim O'Brien pictured with just some of his huge collection (SOURCE: Conversations by Nokia

Jim O'Brien, one of the 'highest ranked members' of Nokia's Support Discussions, has been recognised by the phone giant as 'their biggest fan,' owning a whopping 115 of their mobile phones, including many rare models like the N92. 

O'Brien who was interviewed by the "Conversations by Nokia" Blog, stated that his fascination for Nokia phones started when he was given the candy-bar-styled, 3110 as a work phone. However due to his "clumsiness" when he was 18, the phone had to be replaced several times. Now (34), O'Brien can boast that he is "Nokia's biggest collector," in fact due to his loyalty of the company and being a long-term member in Nokia's help forums, the phone giant has given him a yellow Lumia 1020, which he exclaims as a "killer device!"

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From left to right: Nokia 3110, Nokia N92 and Lumia 1020

O'Brien has recently started his own blog, "Nokia News Ireland," where he hopes to share his craze for Nokia phones with the rest of the world. With his huge collection of Nokia phones, and his broad knowledge on everything Nokia, he can easily claim that he is Nokia's biggest fan in Europe, if not the world. So what do you think of his collection? How many Nokia devices do you own?

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